A bit about me...

 How important are chalkboards ? 

 I have been supplying my chalkboard writing service to the hospitality trade since 1985.

Before chalkboards were used in pubs I supplied handwritten 'dayglo posters'.

A very bright, luminous coated paper, signwritten to drive sales and promote forthcoming events.

Although 'Blackboards' had been around in schools for about 150 years, it was not until the late 1980's that 'chalkboards' started to become increasingly popular within the pub and restaurant trade.

It was at this time I started to get requests to travel the country to apply my services in pubs, clubs and restaurants across the UK.

Over 30 years on I'm still visiting various establishments on a daily basis to signwrite chalkboards / blackboards for many of the large pub co's and and independents.

We now also supply a range of quality chalkboards and chalkboard posters that can be purchased on-line at very competitive prices through our chalkboard shop.


Customers 'first impressions'

Which board would you choose?

As you can see from the photo's professionally sign-written chalkboards can make a huge difference to your business.

In my opinion poorly written boards can send out negative signals to your customers by suggesting a tired, run down and uninviting place to eat and drink


Communication to your customers through chalkboards is as important to your business as good food , drinks and service.

Remember 'first impressions' really do count!

Dayglo poster
As used by pubs prior to the introduction   of chalkboards
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       Before                       After

Coming Soon...Cornwall

Covering parts of Cornwall from summer 2022. Call or message me  for details

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